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Wrap Gloves

Wrap Gloves


The WrapGlove is specifically made for the Wrap/Decal applicators.

  • A unique blend of fibers that has taken years to develop
  • They don’t shed any lint or fibers on your adhesive
  • They don’t transfer your skin’s oils
  • They can be used to handle the adhesive side of digital and wrap films
  • Reduce/remove friction when hand cutting vinyl
  • This is what makes the Wrap Glove the glove of choice for the wrap industry
Created by Professionals… For Professionals.

Faster, easier wraps and digital media work, guaranteed!

WG1SWrap Gloves S (1 pair)
WG1MWrap Gloves M (1 pair)
WG1LWrap Gloves L (1 pair)
WG1XLWrap Gloves XL  (1 pair)
Wrap Gloves
Wrap Gloves
Wrap Gloves
Wrap Gloves
Wrap Gloves

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29962 Avenida De Las Banderas
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

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