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SSC165 & SSC210 Substrate Cutters


Part# SSC165 & SSC210 Substrate Cutters

The ImageOne Impact revolutionary vertical cutter's SSC165

and SSC210 both offer a high degree of performance and

accuracy at a much lower price than that of other vertical

substrate cutters.


A truly affordable finishing solution for any sign making

business, the ImageOne Impact vertical cutter's SSC165 and

SSC210 are designed to cut cleanly, accurately, without dust

and without noise. This is the best cutting solution for

companies not ready to add a "panel saw" type cutter to their

shop or have strict requirements for dust free!


The 4 interchangeable tool cartridges (each cartridge can be

changed in less than 10 seconds) mean that you only buy

the tools you need. The ImageOne Impact vertical cutter's

SSC165 and SSC210 come standard with the utility blade

cartridge. The SSC165 and SSC210 are the ideal cutting

solution for Corrugated plastic (13mm), Aluminum

Composite Panel (4mm) *, PVC (13mm), Aluminum Panel

(1.6mm) *, Foamboard (13mm), MDF (4mm)* and scores

acrylic * * Optional accessory required


The ImageOne Impact vertical cutter's SSC165 and SSC210

features a full length clamping system, two production stops

(making repeat cuts for production runs quick and accurate),

a laser sight line for all materials allowing you to cut exactly

where you want it (all tools share a common cut line) and an

integral counterbalance (leaving hands free for loading

material and causing less operator fatigue).


The ImageOne Impact vertical cutter's SSC165 and SSC210

are currently available in our 165cm/64.9" model and our

larger model which cuts a massive 210cm/82.6" wide

substrates. A wall mounting bracket is supplied as standard

but an optional stand for free standing operation is available.


Standard Equipment:

  • Utility Blade Cartridge (100 blades included)
  • Aluminum Cartridge
  • Scoring Cartridge
  • Laser Sight Line
  • Integral Counter Weight
  • Wall Mounting Bracket
  • Clamping System
  • Two Production Stops
  • 1 year parts warranty

Optional Equipment

  • V Grooving Cartridge
  • Free Standing Kit

Ideal Cutting Solution For:

  • Corrugated Plastic 13mm/.5in
  • PVC 13mm/.5in
  • Foamboard 13mm/.5in
  • Aluminum Composite Panel 4mm*
  • Aluminum Panel .060GA
  • MDF 4mm/.15in
  • Acrylic .25in
  • Materials up to 65" & 82" wide

*Optional accessory required 


Specifications SSC165 SS210
Max. Crosscut      64" / 1625mm 82" / 2083mm
Height 85" / 2159mm 102" / 2591mm
Width 84" / 2133mm 84" / 2133mm
Depth 23" / 584mm 27" / 658mm
Weight 140lbs/63kg 154lbs/69kg
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