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SS165H All in One Substrate Cutter


Part# SS165H - All in One Substrate Cutter

No need to have a panel saw and a blade cutting unit in your

shop. The future of cutting is here with this "do it all with one

machine solution!" Combine dust and noise free cutting with

an ImageOne Impact Sooper Substrate Cutter 165H and you

can cut just about any material straight and square in your

production shop. One machine that takes up less space,

cuts material up to 1 3/4" thick, cuts multiple sheets,

v-grooves and scores material, and even rips sheets up to

10 feet and more all day long. Make cutting a one person

job on this new high quality "all in one" Panel Saw and

Straight line cutter by ImageOne Impact.


Compare our cutting capabilities to anything else out there.

No other saw does everything that our Sooper Substrate

Cutter does. And with multiple quick-change heads, our

system can cut aluminum and multi-layer substrates dust

free, V-Groove panels with one hand, score substrates as

needed with our scoring head, cut foamboard, coro and

expanded PVC with one pull using our triple threat head

and cut up to 1.75" woods and plastics with the saw head.

This truly is the do it all machine for your shop.


4 different "quick-change" cutting heads:

Aluminum Cartridge – to cut solid aluminum and aluminum

composite materials dust free with one pull.

Scoring Cartridge – for plexi or acrylic allowing you to get

a very nice score line to break clean.

V-Grooving Cartridge – when you need to make a V-Groove

for easy bending in aluminum composite material and

building facia materials.

Utility Blade Cartridge – the triple threat for cutting dust free

through a variety of up to ½" thick corrugated plastic, PVC,

foam board, gatorboard and polycarbonate.


Standard Equipment:

Substrate Cutter

  • Utility Blade Cartridge (100 blades included)
  • Aluminum Cartridge
  • Scoring Cartridge
  • Laser Sight Line
  • Integral Counter Weight
  • Left and Right Tapes
  • Clamping System
  • 1 year parts warranty

Panel Saw

  • 3.25 Hp Motor
  • Thin Material Pressure Guard
  • Counter Balance
  • Dust Collection Bonnet
  • 1 3/4" Steel Guide Tubes
  • Roller Bearing Systems
  • Vertical and Horizontal Rulers
  • Quick Stop Gauge 5ft.
  • Stand and Wheels
  • Blade and Backerboard

Optional Equipment:

Substrate Cutter

  • V Grooving Cartridge
  • Scoring Blade
  • Cutting Wheel
  • Utility Blade
  • V Grooving Blade

Panel Saw

  • Hold Down Bar
  • Stop Bar Gauge
  • Extensions
  • Dust Collection Systems
  • Midway Fence
  • Laser Guide


Specifications SS165H
Max. Crosscut      64" / 1625mm
Height 90" / 2286mm
Width 120" / 3050mm
Depth 36" / 915mm
Weight 450lbs/204kg
Saw Blade Diameter 8" / 210mm
Saw Motor 15amp, 120V
Saw Cut Accuracy 1/32" / 45mm
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