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Squeegee Sharpener


Part# SQSHARP - Squeegee Sharpener

Maximize the Life of Your Application Squeegee / Hard Card

/ Window Film Squeegee! An ideal way to maintain a sharp

edge on hard cards and other squeegees is to use our

Squeegee Sharpener. With one or two strokes your squeegee

edge is restored to the same condition as when you first

bought it. Tool Tip: When installing window film or drying your

squeegee off you can create microscopic nicks and scratches

on your hard cards and window film squeegees. After several

vinyl applications or vehicle wraps your application squeegees

can get deformed or arched in the centers rendering them

useless.  Use the Squeegee Sharpener to remove these

invisible nicks and maximize the amount of film mounting or

liquid solution your remove with each stroke. The Squeegee

Sharpener also helps lower the chances of possible

scratching pressure sensitive vinyl film and window film.

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