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Sooper Sign Saw H-Series



Sooper Sign Saw H-Series

The most complete Saw System in the industry.

A $500 Value! 


All Sooper Sign Saws come complete with: 

Sign Saw Package-Hold Down Bar, Quick Stop Gauge, Backerboard, Stand and Blade. Knife Kit - for dust-free cutting. Quick change knife platform, interchangeable carriage. 


The H-Series offers full-sized vertical panel saw productivity in economical machines. H-Series saws cut within 1/32” on a wide variety of panel materials up to 1 3/4” thick, and are available in three standard crosscutting widths, 50”, 64” and 74”. H-Series saws are used in all kinds of panel processing applications. 


• 3 1/4 Hp, 15 amp industrial duty  saw motor. 

• Zinc plated 1 3/4” steel guide tubes. 

• 4 Nylatron roller bearing systems. 

• Adjustable vertical and horizontal rulers. 

• Quick change from vertical to horizontal cutting. 

• Thin material pressure guard. 

• Injection-molded plastic material rollers. 

• Spring loaded counterbalance system.

• Integrated dust collection bonnet.  

• 1 year parts warranty. 

• 5 years Saw motor. 



Max. Crosscut  50”/1270mm  64”/1625mm 
Max. Rip Cut  Unlimited  Unlimited 
Max. Cut Thickness  1 3/4”/45mm  1 3/4”/45mm 
Cut Accurancy, Straight and Square  1/32”/.8mm  1/32”/.8mm 
Saw Blade Diameter  8”/200mm  8”/200mm 
Motor  3.25 Hp, 15 amp,
120V. (220V available) 
3.25 Hp, 15 amp,
120V. (220V available) 
Frame Length  120”/3050mm  120”/3050mm 
Shipping Weight  244 lbs/111kg  298 lbs/135kg 


Max. Crosscut   74”/1850mm 
Max. Rip Cut   Unlimited  
Max. Cut Thickness   1 3/4”/45mm  
Cut Accurancy, Straight and Square   1/32”/.8mm  
Saw Blade Diameter   8”/200mm  
Motor   3.25 Hp, 15 amp,
120V. (220V available)  
Frame Length   120”/3050mm  
Shipping Weight   359 lbs/163kg 
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