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SNAP it 'N' TRAP it


Part# DL1 - SNAP it 'N' TRAP it .

Our SNAPit ‘N’ TRAPit™ PRO 18 mm HEAVY-DUTY Snap-Off Knife features a convenient BUILT-IN blade snapper and disposal container. It enables you to renew and dispose up to 16 blade segments quickly. Features the OLFA silver LB blade, made of premium carbon tool steel for superior sharpness and durability and a heavy-gauage stainless steel blade channel that tightly secures the blade. Built with a high-impact ABS plastic handle for strength, it can tackle the toughest of jobs like cutting drywall, linoleum, rubber and more.The OLFA SNAPit ‘N’ TRAPit™ is another example of our dedication to delivering productivity on the job through innovation and exceptional engineering. 


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