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Premium Spring Pole Banner Single Kit - Fiber-Glass


Premium Spring Pole Banner Single Kit -Fiber-Glass.

Fiber-Glass Pole System

The patented stainless steel spring arm design bends up to

60 degrees to deflect the strongest winds, helping banners

last longer. Use this system exclusively when you are

mounting banners to old wooden or steel poles as the spring

arm also significantly reduces wind load on the pole.


Easy Installation and change Out

No more installer complaints about changing out banners.

Just bend the rod, slip off the banner and slip on the new

one. It’s made of all stainless steel and aluminum components

and WILL NOT rust. The spring arm flexes in the wind, reducing

wind stress, resulting in longer banner life and a faster banner

change out, saving you up to 50% in labor costs.


• Stainless steel and aluminum - no corrosion, no rust, no

• The stainless steel spring arm flexes up to 60o and snaps

  right back into place.
• A stainless steel sleeve protecting the rod from rubbing

  on the casting base
• Graphic change out with the spring arm is much easier

  and drastically cuts time
• Standard arm is 30” and can be cut to any length
• Mounts on both poles and walls for maximum versatility.



Part# Description
BPSAS Single Premium Spring Arm - 30”

Single Kit Includes:

2 - Spring Castings
1 - Premium Fiber-Glass Arm
1 - Spring Fiber-Glass Arm
4 - 40” Stainless Steel Bands
2 - Large Pins
2 - Small Pins
4 - Screws
1 - Large Washer
4 - Small Washers

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