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MegaRoller ®

The fastest vinyl film application tool

Install your vinyl graphic into the MegaRoller®, slit the

edge to expose the adhesive, align your MegaRoller®

to the substrate (wall, window, floor, vehicle, etc.) and

roll. You get a perfect application every time.

No bubbles, no wrinkles, in no time flat! Automatically

applies the vinyl while removing the liner at the same

time. This is the fastest vinyl film application tool in the

world! Easy to learn in just 5 minutes, easy to use. Do

your film installs faster and better than ever before.


• Bubble and Wrinkle Free
• Fast and easy to use
• Works with any pressure sensitive film
• Sell it as part of a national program
    where the store owners install their
    own graphics.


Every MegaRoller ® comes with a Quickslicer
is a patented slicing knife that easily and simply
cuts a 15mm removable slice in the back paper
of the self-adhesive vinyl.


• Changeable blade is safely placed inside holder.
• Adjusting screw at the top of the slicer, cutting
  depth can be accurately adjusted according to
  the vinyl thickness.

Part# Description
MROLL24 MegaRoller for 24” Media
MROLL36 MegaRoller for 36” Media
MROLL48 MegaRoller for 48” Media
QSLICE Quickslicer tool for MegaRoller


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