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Part# MM1 - Part# MM2 - Mega Magz

Nothing is more annoying than week magnets, not having

enough magnets and your vehicle wrap vinyl falling down

while you are in the middle of a job. Most “Wrap Magnets”

often turn out to have too low of a magnetic force which

means you end up using a bunch of magnets.


Thanks to the “Mega Magz” that's all behind you!

The base of our “Mega Magz”  contain 16 Neodymium

magnets that all together have a pulling force of 50+lbs.

The “Mega Magz”  are so strong that one of them can hold up

to a 5 foot wide sheet of vinyl. It can easily replace several sets

of cheap magnets. Our base is a 3.5” black super smooth

rubber coated base to resist dirt collection. A 5.25” Rounded

rubber comfort handle eliminates damage to the vinyl and

fatigue and you won’t lose your grip. 50+lbs of pull. Make your

installations a whole lot faster, safer and easier with the

ImageOne Impact “Mega Magz”.


Sold in single and 2-paks -  Part# MM1 and Part#MM2


Extra Strong + Extra Large + Multifunctional = Mega Magz”

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