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Bravo Aire Grommet Press T-Series



Our “BravoAir T” Series is the ultimate in safety for any
pneumatic grommet attaching machine.  For professional

and higher volume shops looking to cut production times

and make grommet setting easy. Place grommets in

your banners and thin substrates faster, safer and easier

than ever before.  Fully pneumatic- -no electricity required.

Runs on your supplied air pressure. #2 Metal Die available.

Clear grommet die included. Thumb button to activate

grommet pressing. Heavy Duty durable machine.

This model can be used with optional rolling platform
to take your BravoAire T where you need your grommets

 (Air compressor not included.)




Includes: air regulator, air filter, 250 #3 (12mm) Clear

grommets, and #3 (12mm) grommet die.

(Air compressor not included.)



• Adjustable pneumatic pressure level.


• Completely assembled.Comes as shown in the picture.


• Advanced Safety system.The built-in electronic safety

   system prevents any possible accidents during the

   application. The    operator cannot apply a grommet with

   a hand inside the machine.


• Interchangeable dies. Dies available for metal #2 as well


 • Suitable for applications on various materials.Vinyl,

   corrugated plastic, other plastics, fabric, poster board

   and many other substrates.


• Heavy duty durable machine. Lasts for years.


• 1 year manufacturer's warranty against defects.



Please note:Unlike most traditional grommet machines

that allow only one size of grommet application,

the BravoAire can set various sizes of grommets by a

simple die changing process.


Part# Description
BRAVOT Bravo Aire Grommet Press T-Series+ #3 Die
MPLAT Rolling Platform for Bravo Aire




Part# Dies Description
PDMA3 #3 Die Clear & White Grommets/Fits Mano + Bravo Aire Press
MDBA2 #2 Die Metal Die For Bravo Aire Press
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