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Bravo Aire Grommet Press F-Series

BravoAire Foot Pedal
Pneumatic Grommet Press
Our “BravoAire F” Series Foot Pedal activated pneumatic
grommet press offers the addition of a foot press for hands-
free operation. Same great ultimate safety features compared
to other pneumatic presses. Fully pneumatic-no electricity
required. Runs on your supplied air pressure. #2 Metal Die available.
Clear grommet die included. Foot Pedal to activate grommet pressing.
Heavy Duty durable machine. (Air compressor not included.)
• Hands-free use
• Adjustable pneumatic pressure level.
• Completely assembled
• Advanced Safety system
• Interchangeable dies
• Suitable for applications on various materials
• Heavy duty durable machine
Part# Dies Description
PDMA3 #3 Die

Clear, Black & White Grommets/Fits Mano + Bravo Aire Press Series

MDBA2 #2 Die Metal Die for Bravo Aire Series
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